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    causes and effects of air pollution in the philippines H2O and land pollution. How can I explore the data This report has a companion interactive website that provides tools to explore compare and download data and graphics with the latest air pollution levels and associated burden of disease. Reply Delete Air pollution is a serious problem that needs to be given attention. Rapidly increasing air pollution is deadly for human life and there is an urgent need to act against it. Oct 25 2017 The biggest problem air pollution. You will also learn the causes of air pollution the two nbsp 27 Feb 2020 Air quality in the country last year was considered polluted and unsafe for The World Health Organization WHO reported that the safe level of air quality This small fine pollutant can enter the respiratory tract and cause nbsp . Pollution in all forms is a major environmental issue in India. Another subject of investigation is the relation of air pollution to cancer. This was followed by the Air Quality Act of 1967. The main causes of air pollution are factories and cars that release toxic gases and chemicals into the air. Noise pollution is known to cause mental stress and depression. Long term exposure to air pollution for example can lead to chronic respiratory disease lung cancer and other diseases. Not surprisingly it is one of the greatest threats to public health and the preservation of wildlife worldwide. Flood is inevitable the problem is made worse because garbage dumping in the river is a habit practiced by many Filipinos. Darussalam Indonesia Malaysia the Philippines Singapore and Thailand. Nov 10 2018 Air pollution can be classified as the indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution. The number one cause of water pollution is the untreated raw sewage about 58 of the groundwater in the Philippines is contaminated with coliform bacteria that could potentially cause waterborne diseases Philippines Environment Monitor 2003 . Local and national governments can help tackle the effects of air pollution by providing adequate monitoring and reporting infrastructure. PHILIPPINES 1990 2013 Annual PM 2. Some global problems are Global warming or Greenhouse effect Acid Rain Pollution Air and Marine Pollution Environmental Effects Along with harming human health air pollution can cause a variety of environmental effects Acid rain is precipitation containing harmful amounts of nitric and sulfuric acids. net Oct 13 2019 In 2010 1 948 or 17 percent cases and 1 561 deaths out of 11 458 cases and 9 184 deaths from all medical causes were attributed by the Philippine Cancer Society to air pollution. Concentration of industries in one area is another major cause of air pollution. 21474 Austin Rd Orchard City CO 81410 View on map . This journal covers areas like Environmental toxicology Bioremediation Public health and Toxicogenomics and Causes of Air pollution There are different kinds of reasons of air pollution. Air quality in the UK is largely governed by the EU s 84 108 Essays about air pollution causes effects Text response essay sample air causes pollution effects Essays about persuasive essay of lying is always wrong. 5 and air pollution related deaths May 12 2012 Air pollution is a threat to the environment and human health. In today s complex world however with hazardous chemicals in everything we buy. The Pond s Institute discovered how pollution can have harmful effects on skin. Maricar Limpin expounds on the causes and effects of air pollution and gives information about particulate matter. 6 pr elsewhere Nocera and Taylor 1998. Nov 27 2018 Carbon monoxide can cause problems for Children are especially vulnerable to the effects of pollution. air water land soil noise and light. Compared to the commonly known outdoor air pollution indoor air pollution is more dangerous. Next reason is the pollution. See full list on ecowarriorprincess. Apr 23 2020 Manila s air pollution has been linked to between 11 000 and 27 000 deaths in 2018 alone according to a recent Greenpeace study and affects 98 of the capital region s 12. 9 million people suffered from unhealthy levels of air pollution. It is probably one of the most obvious and worrying effects for human beings. The hook of an essay essay prompt topics essay about writing sample important essay of class 9 tips for writing scholarship essay effects causes Essay about of air pollution. The country is one of the world s top three worst offenders of plastic pollution. Jan 29 2016 Using models researchers can place a monetary value on the health effects caused by air pollution and come up with a social cost of the offending emissions in other words the monetary Essay about bicycle history lord of the flies higher english essay good hook quotes for essays essay air effect pollution Cause outline of essay sample. We know that pollution causes not only physical disabilities but also psychological and behavioral disorders in people. The effects of air pollution on the environment and on people are real and need to be addressed. Every Reducing air pollution used to be as simple as making sure your car was running properly. These changes could be in the physical chemical or even biological changes. The EMB Regional offices are tasked to routinely monitor the air quality in Metro Manila. So why are some of them Some of the major causes of air pollution include burning of fossil fuels agricultural activities exhaust from industries vehicle fumes mining operatio Some of the major causes of air pollution include burning of fossil fuels agricultural activities exhaust from industries vehicle fumes mini How to stem the scary health effects of pollution yeah your brain can suffer too . Besides soil pollution which is an important issue along with 2 above ones causes severe consequences for the environment and inevitable diseases Dec 31 2016 Cause and effect of air pollution essay Jerold December 31 2016 Webster 39 s collegiate there are the topic to meet up to the state of global warming effects of pollution Urdu essay about air is a cause and effects and the cumulative the impacts lead facts 2009 global warming. Air. I believe that the laws regarding the air quality management in the Philippines should be further reinforced and strictly implemented. Sep 03 2019 Water Pollution Definition . Air pollution is caused by a number of sources and human activities such as industry and transport and can have a detrimental effect on public health and the environment. List of air due to find a piece of cake. Environment Pollution World Data Atlas. 7. As a small portion of which may cause a small portion of cake. The pollution has nbsp 11 Mar 2016 Q What causes global warming A Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide CO2 and other air pollutants and greenhouse gases collect nbsp 13 Jul 2017 Review Article Environmental Risk Assessment and Remediation It is reported that 75 to 80 water pollution is caused by the domestic nbsp Air pollution occurs when gases dust particles fumes or smoke or odour are introduced into the atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful to humans animals nbsp 8 Apr 2018 water pollution in the Philippines has caused this precious resource to In fact water pollution in the Philippines and a lack of proper sewage kills 55 people every day. Share How polluted is the air today Check out the real time air pollution map for more than 100 countries. Recent climate and air pollution impacts on Indian agriculture J . the mean nbsp 12 Dec 2019 5 concentration or a 10 increase at the sample mean causes a 0. As we read above many types of marine pollution We must act together to protect ocean life and keep the water animals safe and maintaining a pleasant environment on the earth for every species. report air pollution causes about 2 million premature deaths worldwide per year. Pollution in the Philippines effects all citizens. The World Health Organization WHO estimates that tobacco use nbsp Diliman School of Economics Manila University of the Philippines The Philippines Indoor air pollution IAP from biomass fuels is clearly linked to acute respiratory There are other problems related to the use of solid fuels such as nbsp 15 Jan 2019 15 2019 The ill effects of air pollution may literally be causing some people to lose sleep according to new research published online in the nbsp Effects of Air Pollution Controlling Air Pollution in the US the chemical interactions between atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen at high temperature Problems. Jun 24 2020 Air pollution by nature occurs due to the volcanoes from mountains that emit harmful gases into the air for over a prolonged period. For instance pollution of air primarily causes respiratory and other health hazards in people Aug 15 2016 AIR POLLUTION It was caused open burning of waste e. In 2018 the country has the third highest number of deaths due to air pollution according to the World Health Organization. 65 of the deaths in Asia and 25 deaths in India are due to air pollution. org map philippines . Air pollution can cause irritation of the eyes nose and throat and it can lead to upper respiratory infections like bronchitis. Manila Philippines is one of the top five polluted cities in world when it comes to air Air Pollution Awareness in the Philippines. Both extreme heat and cold can cause health problems and lead to death as has been experienced in some OECD countries in recent decades. Radon is a major source of indoor air pollution and is the cause of tens of thousands of deaths annually in the United States and Europe. Ninety five per cent of this impact is nbsp In Manila there are a lot of problems with air pollution hygiene practices and the lack of good sanitation. 73 1 . The largest effects of air pollution are smog and acid rain. Air pollution hotspots are areas where air pollution emissions expose individuals to increased negative health effects. In this blog we discuss the causes effects and ways to prevent water pollution. Cardiovascular and renal effects in adults and early effects related to anaemia. Solid form Air pollutants exist in high amount around us and some of the most common air pollutants are oxides of sulphur oxides of nitrogen carbon dioxide causes greenhouse effect methane etc. Worsening of existing lung and heart problems such as asthma. Sep 07 2018 CAUSES THEIR EFFECTS Sewage and wastewater Untreated sewage water is problematic in developing countries with insufficient sanitation. The types are extremely harmful to the environment and could result in serious damage. These are the most important hygiene and health nbsp Air pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems resulting from rapid In the Philippines air pollution is among the main problems in. e. Felzer B S Cronin T Reilly J M et al. The reality is it couldn t care less. While landslides are considered naturally occurring disasters human induced changes in the environment have recently caused their upsurge. Air pollution is responsible for many serious diseases that may lead a person to death. Air pollution has resulted in several respiratory disorders and heart diseases among humans. Because of overpopulation more waste is generated each day. Assessing research output is an important step in highlighting national and international contribution and collaboration in a certain field. The report is free and available to the public. But when you Learn the effects of air pollution on people exposed to it while exercising at Men s Health Our product picks are editor tested expert approved. Essential oil from the sweet scented ylang ylang cananga odorata is found to have a healing effect against inflammation due to air pollution. The air quality problems in the Philippines arise principally from domestic sources. Global problems these are problems that affect different nations and can only be resolve through solidarity of affected nation. 1. Mar 24 2017 Air Pollution Regulations From the last few decades air pollution has been controlled all over the world through laws and regulations. Although the causes of landslides are wide ranging they have 2 aspects in common they are driven by forces of gravity and result from failure of soil and rock materials that constitute the hill slope lt br gt Diesel fuel also produces carcinogens soot and NOx. Many Filipinos have their self discipline. Nature accounts for 36 of methane gas released into the atmosphere. Dec 02 2007 The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution In China Hestia Cao I330003001 New York 04 May 2014 Air pollution is a type of pollution that particulates made by human being activities or natural causes were brought into the Earth s atmosphere. Air pollutants such as oxides of Sulphur nitrogen ozone etc. It can also cause damage to the ear drum which can cause deafness. Every time we inhale we carry dangerous air pollutants into our bodies. Air pollution is rampant around the world leading to more than 8. The nbsp 2 Mar 2020 Air pollution includes anything that is unhealthy for life on Earth. Air pollution is the leading cause of respiratory diseases. Air pollution is still rampant in our country. However air pollution continues to worsen more than a decade since the law was enacted. Mar 12 2018. carnal release of gases. Noise pollution has more of a psychological effect rather than a physical one. The cases of lung cancer have increased in the last few decades. and describe the relevant indoor exposures which may give rise to these health Some of these effects are related to acid rain effects on materials. causes Light Pollution . Our Annually the air pollution causes more than 4 000 deaths. I wish our government will lessen the tricycles here in Antipolo to lessen also the pollution and traffic. They are particularly common in highly populated urban areas where there may be a combination of stationary sources e. Oct 18 2018 Philippines plastic pollution why so much waste ends up in oceans The Philippines is the world s third largest ocean polluter despite a waste management act coming into effect 18 years ago. Smog a hybrid of the words quot smoke quot and quot fog quot is caused when sunlight reacts with airborne pollution including ash dust and ground level It cause traffic here and also create pollution since Antipolo is quot mabundok quot everytime a tricycle goes up a hill andami nyang nilalabas na usok at nalalanghap ito ng mga tao . What is Pollution Really Pollution is made up of aggressors that we encounter in our everyday lives that come from smog dust traffic fumes outdoor air indoor air UV rays and even from water and many other seemingly innocent products. Air pollution is characterised by the presence of particulate matter in the air of the atmosphere. Air pollution in India is estimated to cause 527 700 deaths Mar 05 2019 In addition the key driver of climate change burning fossil fuels is also the main driver of air pollution globally. The aim of this paper is to understand the QUEZON CITY Philippines Measures to improve air quality in the Philippines are among the priority agenda at the ongoing 8th Annual Clean Air forum of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR . 3. Independence day celebration essay pt3 short essay on scene at a bus stand definition essay on friendship do informative essays have a thesis . and volcanic eruptions. 81 million or 28 of the 6. 7 Apr 2017 Worsened COPD symptoms Exposure to air pollution can make it even harder for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD to nbsp Plastic waste constitutes between 60 and 80 of marine debris and is one of the world 39 s most pervasive pollution problems impacting our oceans and nbsp https aqicn. Indoor Art Pollution. 4 from 30. Agriculture in turn is sometimes damaged by undesirable by products of other technologies see also pollution The pollution of natural resources . Jun 11 2018 Air pollution can have a serious heath impact on humans. Pollution of air land and water cause more than 9 million premature deaths 16 of all deaths worldwide . Water pollution may be defined as alteration in the physical chemical and biological characteristics of water which may cause harmful effects on human and aquatic life. Those who become sick from pollution bear the most of the cost. Therefore the aim of this study was to analyze globally published literature in outdoor air pollution related Apr 27 2020 According to the American Lung Association s latest report over 14 million people of color live in counties with short term and year round high particle pollution and ozone pollution. Apr 10 2020 Carbon is quite toxic and causes a negative effect to the environment. Anthropogenic air pollution sources are Air pollution leads people to be exposed to fine particles in polluted air that penetrate deep into the lungs and cardiovascular system causing diseases including stroke heart disease lung cancer chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and respiratory infections. This page describes HEI 39 s research on traffic related air pollution. 5 million people die worldwide each year from the effects of outdoor or nbsp The combined effects of ambient outdoor and household air pollution cause about seven million premature deaths every year largely as a result of increased nbsp Atmospheric pollution is not the only type of contamination that is harming living beings on the planet. Result of survey about air pollution water pollution greens and parks satisfaction light and noise pollution etc. How to introduce a citation in an essay essay on life in a large city disadvantages breaking barriers essay contest 2019 winners informative essay samples high school. Effects of Air Pollution. Long term health effects can include chronic respiratory disease lung cancer heart disease and even damage to the brain nerves liver or kidneys. Industry and climate Pollution is the largest environmental cause of disease and premature death. In 2015 1. In the lesson we shall see the more about Land and Environmental Pollution the sources of the pollution its consequences and a few things we can do to prevent further pollution and protect our environment. It occurs when the air contains harmful and toxic amount of dust gases fumes and odour. Side effect of global warming effects and then try our planet. It mandates the various government agencies to do the following in support of the Act Department of Environment and Natural Resources DENR act as overall of the lead agency prepare a National Air Quality Status Report which shall be used as a basis in formulating the Integrated Air Quality Improvement Framework issue rules and regulations in the implementation of the Act. Each source of air pollution causes specific health problems. However there can be some more indirect forms of plastic pollution too. severe ventilation problems. Each type of pollutant can have different toxic and negative effects that can hurt human health and the environment resulting in high economic costs for both the population and Effects of Water Pollution Groundwater contamination from pesticides causes reproductive damage within wildlife in ecosystems. 8 million people Oct 02 2016 According to WEPA water pollution s effects cost the Philippines approximately 1. Aug 23 2017 However pollution resulting from natural causes remains in the atmosphere for a short period and does not result in a permanent change as it might be the case with human activity based pollution. lt br gt lt br gt With a huge amount and faster growth rate the country will need to consume produce and import materials and resources to suffice the needs of its subjects. Humans are the main cause of water pollution which is triggered in many ways by the dumping of industrial waste due to temperature rise that cause the alteration of water by reducing the oxygen in its composition Or due to deforestation which causes sediments and bacteria to appear under the soil and therefore contaminate Apr 27 2016 Air pollution s effects can be hard to wrap your head around on a large scale but it can also hit very close to home. But the people most affected by air pollution live in low income countries according to the United Nations. Damages the developing nervous system resulting in IQ loss and impacts on learning memory and behavior in children. Based on the guidelines WHO estimates that reducing the amount of particulate matter PM10 to 20 micrograms per cubic metre g m3 annually would subsequently decrease air pollution related mortality rates by 15 . A cloak of smog gives Fresno California a hazy look. 11 Jul 2018 This article shows the different sources and effects of each of the nine major air pollutants. Essay chinese food effects causes essay pollution and Air thesis statement for a descriptive narrative essay. Filipinos particularly businessmen seemed to heed the advice Dec 14 2016 Air pollution is known to cause irritation in the eyes lungs nose and throat. Mera bharat mahan essay in hindi images What are essay type questions how much is the sat essay out of advantages and disadvantages of robots in human life essay. Nov 12 2017 Probably there are three major problems which effects of imbalances in the ecosystem 1. I was really surprised at the magnitude of some of these pollutants coming Nov 15 2017 As the population increases the pollution level in India is increasing at a dangerous rate. e Nov 20 2019 Air pollution in China can travel up to Central Valley of California. Air pollution is caused when air in the atmosphere is filled with particulate matter. In many areas across the globe populations live close to major roads and highways and are thus exposed to tailpipe emissions from vehicle traffic non tailpipe emissions such as brake and tire wear and noise that may have adverse effects on their health and well being. The Clean Air Act is a superb representation of the government s role in air pollution prevention. Air pollution is a leading cause of cancer. Sewage fertilizer and agricultural run off contain organic materials that when discharged into waters increase the growth of algae which causes the depletion of oxygen. Those affected by poor air quality can develop serious breathing and health problems such as asthma chronic bronchitis and even emphysema. Causes and effects of marine pollution is on the rise. Any undesirable change in the environment air water land soil etc. Tacio describing what plastics are how much we use them their harmful effects and environmental impacts plus positive industry actions taken to reverse plastic related problems and pollution. However most don 39 t realize the pollution can have the same effects on animals. Jun 01 2018 Outdoor air pollution is a major threat to global public health that needs responsible participation of researchers at all levels. Air pollution is the presence of harmful particulates in the air a mixture of soot smoke mold pollen methane and carbon dioxide among many others that can be harmful to human health. 8 million premature deaths every year. Effect of Improper waste disposal to the environment Improper waste management and illegal waste shipments can have negative impacts on both environment and public health. Why trust us Here s how to breathe clean air when exercising Nothing is better than working up a good sweat in the great outdoors. 3 in 2013. News Pollution Air View Slideshow As SARS CoV 2 the novel coronavirus pathogen that causes the illness COVID 19 sweeps across the globe social distancing measures are noticeably impacting the Population increase means more pollution as people use more fuel in cars industry domestic cooking. motor vehicles 2 Point or Stationary Sources eg. Air pollution can also exacerbate existing lung and heart conditions like asthma. It produced methane gas which is one of the main components of landfill gas and much more effective than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas. The hazardous effects of air pollution on the environment include Diseases. In an article from nbsp 12 Mar 2018 Air Pollution Video for Kids Causes Effects amp Solution. Ninth reason of migration is the poor housing. industrial plants and 3 Area Sources eg. Outdoor air pollution outdoor ranks in the top ten killers on earth. Six major health problems that can be caused by air pollution are described in brief below. For the six criteria pollutants the air quality can be described in terms of six levels they are largely responsible for causing solid waste pollution 6 . Jul 03 2020 Pippa Neill reporter at Air Quality News explores the worrying link between certain air pollutants and our declining natural environment. Environmental group Greenpeace has previously warned that above the safety limits set by the World Health Organization WHO . It can exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma in children and COPD in adults. In 2015 133. industrial facilities and mobile sources e. Water is a basic r ur th t gu r nt the life of ll living beings n earth. Breathing is all the rage these days. Establishments factory etc. 0 Author Dr. May 30 2019 Small Leaf Fires Can Cause Big Pollution Problems . High concentrations can cause undesirable health economic or aesthetic effects. Essay improve vocabulary essay What of pollution and causes the effects are air. May 19 2018 The regional impact otherwise known as transboundary air pollutants are those which travel afar such as forest fires for instance the one that occurred in Indonesia in 2005. Jos Lelieveld Aug 02 2016 Vehicle pollution also transport pollution motor pollution is the introduction of harmful material into the environment by motor vehicles. Air Pollution Health Problems. Even though some pollution across the whole universe is caused by the forces of nature such as carnal waste. Tune into ABC at 1 p. 17 According to a report in 2003 The Pasig River is one of the most polluted rivers in the world with 150 tons of domestic waste and 75 tons of industrial waste dumped daily. Compare Live chat Home Land Cruisers. The environment is a delicate thing and environmental problems such as global warming and water pollution are causing negative impacts around the world. The first act to reduce air pollution was the Clean Air Act of 1963. 17 Jan 2018 air quality air pollution sources stationary mobile wildfires emissions create ongoing air pollution problems like the other source types can. Every day millions of men run and cycle to improve their health and fitness. cars and trucks of pollution. The discharge of domestic and industrial wastewater and agricultural runoff has caused extensive pollution of the receiving water bodies. . Air Pollution Engineering McGraw Hill Inc. Begin the activities by displaying and reviewing the lesson vocabulary pollution surroundings litter and environment . Pollution and its Types. H. The resultant effect is increased air and water pollution which affect the climate and food production. Aug 09 2017 Another effect of air pollution is the formation acid rain which is very well known to deteriorate human skin and other old artefacts and monuments. In the US plants that are easily affected by ozone air pollution include black cherry white pine and red alder. Awesome college essay examples. Water pollution occurs when a body of water becomes contaminated. Increased risk of heart attack. Study Outdoor Air Pollutant Concentration and COVID 19 The Philippines is hit with an average of 20 typhoons a year. It aids to influence and enforce laws that attempt to eliminate or dilute the causes of air pollution. In addition not just air pollution can cause health effects study also shows that air pollution can cause stress to a human being. Air pollution is the introduction into the atmosphere of chemicals particulates or biological materials that cause discomfort disease or death to humans damage other living organisms such as Sep 13 2014 This is know as land degradation. Plants store carbon dioxide in their tissues in a process called carbon sequestration. In 2015 the annual emissions of sulphur oxide SOx nitrogen oxide NOx PM10 and PM2. Its effects can range from higher disease risks to rising temperatures. Sep 02 2014 Such pollution can cause lung and neurological diseases and have been linked to heart attacks and some cancers. Its Practical Measure for Prevention Subtitle Clean Air Act Causes and Effects of Air Pollution and Measures for Prevention Course Doctor in Development Education Grade 1. Air pollution and even the effects from human health 2016 5 yes. Source Our World in Data. COM Advice Climate change has led to an uptick in air pollution around the world. The air is directly impacted yet the effects go far beyond air quality issues. The effects of air pollution are described below. Air pollution is caused by the presence in the atmosphere of toxic substances mainly produced by human activities even though sometimes it can result from natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions dust storms and wildfires also depleting the air quality. See full list on nrdc. 5 is 18 g m3 which exceeds the recommended maximum of 10 g m3. Natural disasters are bad enough by themselves. These adverse effects are seen on health and environment some of them are as follows May 01 2020 Poor air quality can cause many negative health effects. 1080 19390450903350861 2 1 75 93 Online publication date 14 Jan 2010. Oct 15 2014 The health effects caused by air pollution may include difficulty in breathing wheezing coughing asthma and worsening of existing respiratory and cardiac conditions. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy The air you breathe may be hazardous to your health. Moved Permanently 04. In fact you didn 39 t have to open a newspaper or news site to The GAIA air quality monitoring stations are using high tech laser particle sensors to measure in real time PM2. Particle Pollution and Your Health PDF 2 pp 320 K About PDF Learn who is at risk from exposure to particle pollution what health effects you may experience as a result of particle exposure and simple measures you can take to reduce your risk. The primary cause is air pollution. But when you add the damage that pollution can cause on top of the initial and obvious effects of a natural disaster the Ambient outdoor air pollution is a major cause of death and disease globally. It can even cause lung cancer and respiratory diseases. Wiat iii essay composition cpec essay css essay of festivals of india. Cause and effect essay about good health a short essay on empathy. China saw 1. You can actually see a thick layer of garbage floating in the waterways as In Manila there are a lot of problems with air pollution hygiene practices and the lack of good sanitation. Sep 08 2002 Last week I wrote about the Clean Air Act and related first hand stories of people victimized by the growing effects of pollution. According to the World Health Organization WHO it is one nbsp 5 are able to travel deeply into a person 39 s respiratory tract and can cause short term health effects and worsen medical conditions of people with asthma or heart nbsp Air pollution is caused by solid or liquid particles and certain gases suspended in the These particles and gases can be bad for the planet and for our health nbsp The air pollution is one of the present day health problems throughout the world. 5 were 352 292 1 157 728 233 177 and 98 806 t respectively. nbsp 27 Apr 2017 The air quality in Manila is getting worse and it 39 s impacting the health of on our bodies are washed off and cause toxic effects unto the corals. Pollution is the contaminants into the natural environment which causes adverse change and can take the form of chemical substances or energy such as noise heat or light. Major environmental problems identified in Manila Bay include deterioration of water quality coastal erosion and siltation overexploitation of fishery nbsp Philippines also suffers major human caused environmental degradation aggravated by soil erosion air and water pollution improper disposal of solid and toxic Climate change impacts on coastal zones and marine ecosystems caused. Oct 16 2014 The most severe health risks from normal exposures are related to particulates. D. Nearly 2. Air pollution can affect an animal 39 s health. Going into the depth of air pollution the major factors contributing towards the causes of air pollution in points are listed below i . Curated by Knoema s data analysts to deliver leading short term and long term indicators and forecasts from trusted sources for each of the covered industries. Once connected air pollution levels are reported instantaneously and in real time on our Health and economic impacts of air pollution reduction in the Philippines 2005 Elca C. Global warming Air pollution causes global warming in a great scale. For the six criteria pollutants the air quality can be described in terms of six levels The Clean Air Act covers allpotential sources of air pollution to wit 1 Mobile Sources eg. Feb 20 2017 Air pollution is a mixture of gases and solid particles in the air. Air pollution is a concern which poses threat to Apr 08 2018 The Philippines is a developing country that is also undergoing rapid urbanization and industrialization. The discussion points to vehicle emission as the leading factor that contributes 69 to the country s air pollution. Respiratory infections. Effect of Solid Waste Pollution Solid waste can pollute air water and soil and leave various environmental impacts and cause health hazard due to improper handling and transportation . When it achieves to sufficient concentration and adequate time it begins to endanger people s comfort Pollution may muddy landscapes poison soils and waterways or kill plants and animals. Pollutants that are released into the Furthermore a set of pollution standard index of air quality called the Air Quality Index AQI was formulated in line with Republic Act RA 8749 or Clean Air Act CAA . Today we have brought you the causes and effects of it. Embed from Getty Images. 40 Series Restorations 60 Series Restorations May 17 2019 1. 28 Jul 2018 The World Health Organization WHO reported that the Philippines ranks third in mortality rate caused by air pollution. Radon decays to form daughters or decay products which include radioactive polonium lead and bismuth. environmental impact of transport related air pollution should therefore not focus exclusively A study of pollution exposure in Metropolitan Manila in 1994 for. Even though some pollution across the whole world is caused by the forces of nature such as animal waste animal release of gases and volcanic eruptions the majority comes from everyday human activities and technology. Here 39 s some things you can do to curb those effects. Broadly environmental pollution consists of six basic types of pollution i. Report 1965 restoring the quality of our Environment president science committee Washington USA Olaniran 1995 defined water pollution to be presence of Agriculture a major cause of air pollution Food cultivation is the dominant source of fine particulate matter PM 2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2014 111 46 16319 16324. Narrative essay about revenge narrative essay about revenge air pollution essay of effect about Example and cause graduate school essay review 350 words essay on my best friend. Annual emissions of air pollution are increasing in South Korea. 2 million metric tons of organic water pollution that occur in the Philippines each year 2 . Looking into these will help you identify the causes and what steps you can take to mitigate those effects. These acids are formed primarily by nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. The air Data Briefs. The poor air quality situation as well as the predominant mortality and morbidity rates of cardiovascular diseases CVD have been problematic to citizens in the Philippines in the last few decades. Du to r t and llut n h w v r millions f l truggl t gain access t th mu h n d d asset. A new report found that pollution is traveling around the world and in partic With the long days of summer there are more daylight hours in which to exercise. Violence in media persuasive essay essay structure and phrases importance of computer in our daily life essay in hindi an essay about holiday trip essay on my hobby Jun 30 2020 In the United States air pollution caused 131 billion in damages in 2011. If you are exposed to very high levels of air pollutants you may experience irritation of the eyes nose and throat wheezing coughing and breathing problems and have a greater risk of heart attacks. Dr. 8 reduction in real GDP that same year. 25 pr vs 0. Very easy to set up they only require a WIFI access point and a USB power supply. Subscribe to the ABS CB So it is hard to evaluate the actual pollution level in the city. 3 May 2019 Here are some tips to reduce your exposure to harmful air pollution When possible avoid traveling during the busiest times of the day in Metro Manila. the pollution of the baths seems to take a back ground position. These days though it may be best to stay indoors and do another type of workout instead of breathing polluted air during strenuous cardio activity. These are the most important hygiene and health related risks in the Philippines. Excessive light on the retina causes Oct 04 2020 Asphalt is a big source of air pollutants in urban areas especially on hot and sunny days a new study claims. Another dangerous kind of pollution is the Water pollution that may result from wastes excluded from the construction sites or factories or oil spills or sewage spills and other trashy factors. Oct 19 2015 Causes of water pollution in the Philippines There are an estimated 2. Ermita is Manila 39 s most air polluted district due to open dump sites and industrial waste . Oct 19 2017 Air Water And Soil Pollution Takes 3 Times As Many Lives As AIDS TB And Malaria Combined Goats and Soda Researchers looked at the combined effects of air water and soil pollution on global Air pollution is a problem that greatly affects those living in large urban centers and the Third World. The causes of air pollution are described below. The human being is the main responsible for water pollution. The most recent data indicates the country 39 s annual mean concentration of PM2. The government continues to try to clean up the problem implementing fines to polluters as well as environmental taxes but many problems have not been addressed. Mar 31 2018 Water pollution is a national and global issue. An estimated 141 million Americans live in counties with at least one bad rating for air quality according to the American Lung Associations 39 quot State of the Air quot report. Aug 31 2020 Plastic pollution mainly occurs in the ocean and on land. Sep 30 2017 Air pollution harms people other animals and the environment causing both long term and short term effects. Not only is air pollution an environmental issue undesirable air quality is also a health hazard. Sources. Make yourself aware of the types of air pollution and discover ways how you can help your pets. These pollutants can cause short term effects such as eye and throat Environmental pollution has its own causes effects and solutions. Types of essays in ielts academic task 2 ap spanish language and culture exam persuasive essay analysis essay story of an hour about Essay in air pollution philippines the. Our product picks are editor tested expert approved. It was less than the 175 billion in 2002. 2. 5 million air pollution linked deaths worldwide occurred in India. m Environmental Pollution Effects on Humans . How to keep dirty air from hurting your lungs heart and brain. Many people focus on running and outdoor activities. Poisonous Gas The major cause of pollution in the urban areas is automobiles which inefficiently burn petroleum releases 75 of noise and 80 of air pollutants. May 27 2020 A new study published on the preprint server medRxiv in May 2020 explores the effects of air pollution on COVID 19 infections in China. Short term air pollution can aggravate the medical conditions of individuals with asthma and emphysema. also May 14 2018 Environmental Effects Of Ozone Air Pollution. Journal of Pollution Effects amp Control deals with the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that causes adverse changes in the form of toxicity of environment damage to ecosystem and aesthetics of our surrounding. DE NEVERS N. DAVAO 27 June 2018. Air pollution is said to be a problem at the local national and international levels. Out of more than one hundred million Filipinos nine million rely on unsafe water supplies. Energy environmental impacts of the causes the mar 15 or energy and effects of am640 cfmj am is global warming. RD. 2 million premature deaths globally are linked to ambient air pollution mainly Health effects of air pollution could be short term or long term. Children living near polluted areas are more prone to pneumonia and asthma. Climatic change has reduced agricultural production. We may earn a commission through links on our site. 5 g m 9. The sticky black substance often seen being pressed down by road rollers at building sites is found on roads roofs pavements and driveways. Boat fuels Fossil fuels used in the shipping industry are one of the largest causes of both air and water pollution. 5 pollution which is one of the most harmful air pollutants. According to the U. The first type of air pollution is smog. Vital Strategies trawl of the region s air pollution coverage found a disconnect between what the media perceives to be the biggest causes of air pollution and how to tackle the problem. Health Effects. In this guide we summarise the types of plastic pollution the causes the sources the effects and potential solutions to reduce and or stop plastic pollution. Sampaloc Manila. The 1970 amendment to the Clean Air Act significantly reduced air pollution in Apr 07 2020 Air pollution is linked to significantly higher rates of death in people with Covid 19 according to analysis. Judging from the reaction I received I can see the pollution Causes of Landslides. See full list on conserve energy future. 2 million cars in Manila Philippines cause 80 of air pollution. According to the CDC air pollution can contribute to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. However whether air pollution control measures will always work in harmony with climate change mitigation is still an open question. 3 billion annually. That is 45. This pollute air damages the atmosphere and thereby creates a negative effect on the environment that becomes harmful to human health. The Department in coordination with the Department of Science and Technology DOST other agencies the private sector the academe NGO s and PO s shall establish a National Research and Development Program for the prevention and control of air pollution. One of these is Republic Act No. In the Philippines pollution is chronic. In addition long term exposure to air pollution can cause nbsp 29 Apr 2019 Respiratory health problems. They are at greater risk of developing asthma lung cancer and respiratory Especially water and air pollution are the two most significant issues even the statistics shows that Vietnam becomes one of the leading countries causing the most serious pollution in the world. According to WHO exposure to indoor air pollution causes the death of about 4. Note that land degradation can result from many factors and land pollution is only one of them. Mar 05 2019 In addition the key driver of climate change burning fossil fuels is also the main driver of air pollution globally. Nov 09 2018 Pulmonologist Dr. May 01 2001 Arcenas A Boj J Larsen B and Ruiz unez F 2010 The Economic Costs of Indoor Air Pollution New Results for Indonesia the Philippines and Timor Leste Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research 10. are some of the primary causes air pollution Air pollution effects the human health and further leads to other problems. We are discussing the effects of air pollution and specific air pollutants in more detail in the Air Pollutants article. about air pollution exposure and its health effects. Write a essay on children 39 s day. That s 16 opportunities per minute for an adult to get the oxygen they need for the proper functioning of their body Jun 05 2020 In 1955 the federal government first became concerned about combating air pollution. Humans are also regularly harmed by pollution. Data Products Insights Air Pollution Causes and Effects in World. wood or coal burning Smoke belching vehicles on the road will undergo emission testing. Effect of Air Pollutants Air pollutants are broadly classified into particulate and gaseous. Given its geography and meteorology and the absence of emissions from nbsp Pollution. They throw garbage in the illegal places that is why there are many pollutions in the Philippines like water pollution air pollution noise pollution and even population is polluted. Effects of Air Pollution on Health Air pollution has unhealthy effects on people animals and plant life across the globe. When continually exposed to air pollution humans become at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Industrial effluents and chemicals sewage and other wastage are some of the common sources of water pollution. The causes and effects of air water and land pollution Pollution has become the major problem during the past few decades. Aug 05 2020 Cause and effect essay air pollution for doc 298870018 csr research proposal Posted by essay for global warming on 5 August 2020 6 14 pm Japanese and pollution essay effect and cause air german companies invest far more than a decade ago to distribute information door to door cars. an assessment of plastic pollution in a specific city in a specific country Teach students about indoor air pollution and have them reflect on sources in their own lives then make a plan to reduce. Industrial outlet emission from the automobiles smoke soot etc. These get mixed with air and causes air pollution. middot 1. Research air pollution levels in your area as well as efforts to reduce. Carbon monoxide is the largest air pollutant in the United States and it s number one source is from vehicle exhausts. Methane is one of the harmful gases released by nature from forests wetlands oceans etc. Environmental factors have greatly contributed to food shortage. You can actually see a thick layer of garbage floating in the waterways as 1. rubber and plastic . In fact water pollution in the Philippines and a lack of proper sewage kills 55 people every day. Bright lighting in functions big cities etc. O. The problem is that the models used to predict the effects of reductions in air pollutants do not adequately capture the complex With air pollution increasingly becoming the cause of lung ailments one researcher turns to essential oils from fennel basil clove bud and ylang ylang for treatment. Humans and all living species in the world are facing worst results of polluted water. The largest source air of pollution in cities is from vehicle exhaust fumes. Biodiversity Loss . Alth ugh some processes u h w t r treatment r d l n t n facilitate t tr tm nt use nd consumpt Here s how to breathe clean air when exercising Women s Health may earn commission from the links on this page but we only feature products we believe in. 3 deaths per 100 000 Filipinos. Burning agricultural products and spraying chemicals on crops are just a few of the things that cause air pollution. Prof. S. According to the World Health Organization 3 million people die from the effects of air pollution each year. Environmental Pollution Effects on Humans . Environmental Protection Agency EPA several leaf and yard waste Air Pollution The Enemy Of The Man And The Baths. This has been attributed in the environmental risks such as air pollution and heat nbsp Even landscapes that appear pristine can experience the effects of pollution sources Long term exposure to air pollution for example can lead to chronic respiratory disease lung cancer and other diseases. These materials known as pollutants have several bad effects on human health and the ecosystem. These effects can result in increased medication use increased doctor or emergency room visits more hospital admissions and premature death. Most of this air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal oil natural gas and gasoline to produce Mar 22 2014 John Vidal in Manila An acrid blanket of haze is hanging over the cities of south east Asia where 700 000 people a year die prematurely from the effects of air pollution. 1995 403 pp. Estimation of pollution in Philippines using perception. Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 Fuel combustion electric utilities big industrial boilers vehicles and wood burning. Agricultural technology Agricultural technology The effects of pollution Practically all forms of technology exact a certain price in environmental damage agriculture is no exception. Learn more about its causes effects and solutions. Gre issue essay topics pool my unforgettable experience in school essay. People who suffering from respiratory diseases are the most likely to be affected by air pollutions Botkin amp Keller 2007 . Louie Sanlad Author Year 2020 Pages 27 Catalog Number V516601 ISBN eBook 9783346139832 ISBN Book 9783346139849 lt br gt As a consequence malnutrition rate in the Philippines has gone up to 33. Sep 28 2020 As mentioned above waste pollution is an incredibly broad issue so it requires a breakdown into the different categories and sub categories of waste pollution to get an accurate picture of the specific problems causes sources effects and solutions e. In developed countries pharmaceuticals and other chemicals are flushed down the toilet and sink. 6 Feb 2019 We have listed 10 common air pollution causes along with the effects that have serious implication on your health on a daily basis. Extreme cold has nbsp 2005 claimed that construction is a main source of environmental pollution projects which cause a lot of problems and generate several pollutants. A lot of people like to imagine pollution respects national borders. In simple terminology we can say that air pollution effects can be both direct and indirect. The haze went as far as Malaysia Singapore and Thailand. An estimated 4. 6 DEATHS 38 676 57 403 IMPROVED 45 62 25 21 4 8 WORSEN 25 out of 140 countries reported a decrease in PM2. Report 1965 restoring the quality of our Environment president science committee Washington USA Olaniran 1995 defined water pollution to be presence of May 06 2018 Pollution 39 s Definition Pollution is the addition of particulate matters substances to the air water and soil which yield harm to man s health and cause harmful effects to other life forms. Dec 07 2015 It has sections on the health effects economic costs and automotive causes of air pollution. and petroleum fueled vehicles are among the main causes of air pollution. Air quality in the UK is largely governed by the EU s There are several main types of air pollution that include smog acid rain the greenhouse effect and quot holes quot in the ozone layer. According to W. The toxicity of such chemicals may remain present in the air for a long period of time causing negative effects to wildlife and other vegetation. See full list on flipscience. Using poison in agriculture In agricultural sectors farmers often use insecticides pesticides and fertilizers etc. As the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies IASS reports the two It doesn t get a lot of attention but air pollution is one of the deadliest killers in the world. By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. 423 080 views423K views. Feb 04 2019 Air pollution is a mix of particles and gases that can reach harmful concentrations both outside and indoors. the bulk comes from mundane human activities and Effects of Air pollution There are different kinds of negative and harmful effects of air pollution. The Air Pollution Control Act of 1955 funded research to identify causes. The effects of pollution are evident and undeniable. Air has physical properties and a chemical composition Natural Disasters amp Pollution. Time management essay in simple words different ways to say my name is in an essay essay on disadvantages of air pollution How to insert a quote into an essay. Effects of Air Pollution 1. Health experts have urged the Philippine government to take action towards improving air quality as PH had the third highest number of air pollution related deaths. You only have to turn on the TV or search the Internet to see the latest victims of a hurricane or an earthquake. Tropospheric ozone can have harmful effects on plants and ecosystems. People who breathe in bad air are developing chronic health problems and even dying prematurely due to air pollution exposure. While some chemicals may be harmless others can cause damage. Causes. Employment essay example. Greenhouse gas emissions can cause physical damage to plants and reduce crop yields 1. It s big part of the reason California has so much smog. Dissolved gases Polluting gases in the air can dissolve into salt and fresh water and pollute it. The visual impact that air pollution is having on the natural environment may not be obvious to the untrained eye but from the abundance of stinging nettles on the side of the road to the lack of bugs splattered on your car windscreen College essay about class. 5 in ambient air in Europe the central US and parts of China according to a new study from the Earth Institute at Columbia University. May 14 2018 Indoor air pollution is experienced through contamination of air in indoor areas from air pollutants arising from gases and particles. Notre dame admissions essay questions how much is a 3000 word essay good last sentence for an essay essay on fruits and vegetables in hindi language. One sixth of all deaths in the Philippines and approximately 6 000 premature deaths a year are because of hygiene water borne diseases and poor sanitation Apr 14 2016 Whereas some causes of pollution are entirely natural being the result of sudden changes in temperature seasonal changes or regular cycles others are the result of human impact i. Try these simple ways to combat the air pollution crisis and help turn things around. We also cause air pollution indirectly when we buy goods and services that use energy in their production and delivery. The health effects range from increased hospital admissions and emergency room visits to increased risk of premature death. DENR 1995 The Philippine Environmental Quality Report 1990 1995 Environment Management Bureau Library Department of Jun 24 2020 Air pollution by nature occurs due to the volcanoes from mountains that emit harmful gases into the air for over a prolonged period. 8 Therefore tackling climate change will also greatly improve our air quality. Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into an environment which causes harmful effects on life in that natural surrounding environment. Besides Ammonia is a very common by product Air pollution release into the atmosphere of various gases finely divided solids or finely dispersed liquid aerosols at rates that exceed the natural capacity of the environment to dissipate and dilute or absorb them. Light Pollution. Negative impacts can be due to different handling and disposal activities resulting in soil water and air pollution. That s three times more deaths than from AIDS tuberculosis and malaria combined and 15 times more than from all wars and other forms of violence. Write the students responses underneath each of the pictures. to control air pollutants could have an effect on climate change in the short term. Discuss the displayed pictures of water air and land pollution. With increased temperatures world wide increase in sea levels and melting of ice from colder regions and icebergs It was perhaps fortuitous that Filipinos woke up on the first day of 2014 to news that air pollution had just reached an all time high. 58 Air pollution is a broad term applied to any chemical physical particulate matter or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Air pollution causes. The causes and effects of air. A littered coastline in the Philippines. The principle of garbage in garbage out applies to air pollution said Tejada. For journalists who write about pollution regularly the EPA has compiled a collection of online information including glossaries about specific air pollutants including asbestos lead and chlorofluorocarbons. inhale and travel throughout the body causing far reaching health effects. This is three times the number of deaths associated with automobile accidents. Have students identify what is wrong in each of the pictures displayed. With the long d related problems encountered in an urban community in. Pollution Effects is an Open Access OMICS Group Journal which is named as Journal of Pollution Effects amp Control. Causes of Air Pollution. Just as in the play today 39 s society debate and unimaginably deny climate change we deny the effects of humans and or negative impact on the planet we are a destructive force of nature because we do not work as a group or one global conscience that regulates or waste and works Sep 13 2014 This is know as land degradation. There are numerous effects of air pollution on the ecosystem which in turn have various economic implications. The act regulated the interstate transport of pollutants. ph Philippines General Health Risks Air Pollution risk In accordance with the World Health Organization 39 s guidelines the air quality in the Philippines is considered moderately unsafe. Toxic chemicals that accumulate in top predators can make some species unsafe to eat. Many of the environmental problems being experienced are a result of human contributions such as excessive waste industry pollution and overpopulation. It creates respiratory problems and exacerbates existing conditions such as asthma and emphysema. The study of 14 000 Asian press articles found that vehicular emissions were perceived to be by far the biggest cause of air pollution while power Initial effects are lethargy and reduction in interactive behaviour Loons back riding stops preening increases energy expenditure increased mortality Hg impairs loon s reproductive success cause growth related problems and death Loon chicks survival at Keji 0. Air pollution causes a number of environmental effects in addition to the effects on humans Air pollution is a real danger to not just the environment but also to human health. The contamination could be caused by physical debris such as plastic water bottles or rubber tires or it could be chemical such as the runoff that finds its way into waterways from factories farms cities cars sewage treatment facilities and air pollution. Sporadic individual leaf fires usually don t cause any major pollution but multiple fires in one geographic area can cause concentrations of air pollutants that exceed federal air quality standards. Air pollution exceeds Malaria as a cause of premature death by a factor of 19 and HIV AIDS by a factor of 9 and since the effects on health are so enormous and affect the population worldwide one could say that our results point to an air pollution pandemic. The effects of pollution are undeniable. We cause air pollution directly through our use of electricity fuels and transportation. Pollutants can cause respiratory nbsp 4 Apr 2011 Some scientists suspect air pollutants cause birth defects. g. Further Reading. Oil spills Accidental oil spills have a devastating effect on seas. Philippines. Effects will depend on the individual s sensitivity. The atmosphere is a complex Land pollution is common and it is important for us all to know about its crippling effects. Air Pollution Research and Development Program. The Mar 07 2019 The Clean Air Act of 1999 provides a comprehensive policy to provide clean air to Filipinos. The global effect of air pollution is global warming greenhouse gases effect and ozone depletion he further adds. Pollution has become the major job during the past few decennaries. Air pollution caused by factories is one of the leading causes of climate change. Impacts of ozone on trees and crops J . Furthermore a set of pollution standard index of air quality called the Air Quality Index AQI was formulated in line with Republic Act RA 8749 or Clean Air Act CAA . com Dec 18 2016 Air pollution can also cause worsening of existing heart problems asthma and other lung complications. Table 6 shows that in spite of expected high pollution . Soil pollution is caused by man made harmful chemicals penetrating the earth and causing deterioration. Mar 07 2019 The Clean Air Act of 1999 provides a comprehensive policy to provide clean air to Filipinos. December 13 2017 Air and Odor Management Uncategorized No Comments air pollution chronic obstructive pulmonary disease copd health effects of air pollution premature mortality In the Philippines alone 1 out of 4 deaths is solely caused by air pollution. 3 million people each year. An award winning team of journalists designers and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company s distinctive lens What s next for hardware software and services Our annual guide to th It s big part of the reason California has so much smog. effects of the many different pollutants which can be found in indoor air the approach has been to group broad categories of adverse health effects in separate chapters. can be termed as pollution. 5 from 1990 2013 but an increase in total deaths due to air pollution 21of those are DEVELOPING COUNTRIES PM 2. As of now the population of the Philippines is 101 299 826 and at the yearly growth rate of 1. Particulate Matter. The agents that bring about or cause this pollution are called pollutants. It ha s a direct effect on humans and the ecosystem. Use of fossil fuels in factories and transportation creates a great deal of air pollution but pollution can also stem from indoor sources such as dust and smoking. Here are six main health problems caused by air pollution. org Jul 03 2018 Time to stem the tide of plastic pollution writes Henrylito D. The present study investigates the level of awareness about water pollution in Delhi its causes its health effects and solutions among the youth in Delhi. Sewage and wastewater Raw sewage in water causes environmental pollution and human illnesses like diarrhea. Some of them are as follows In the United States of America Environmental Protection Agency has made few standards of air quality to secure the health of the public. The work shows that even a tiny single unit increase in particle pollution levels With the rapid increase in population urbanization and industrialization reduce the quality of Philippine waters especially in densely populated areas and regions of industrial and agricultural activities. Oct 25 2018 Many people are concerned with air pollution in their everyday life. 1 8. Mar 24 2020 Products from volcanic eruptions cause air pollution in some parts of Indonesia. Tuddao said. Even the release of toxic gases by nature is common. Like humans animals can suffer from a number of health problems due to air pollution including birth defects reproductive failure and diseases. The effects of the current law has only produced little impact upon the improvement of our environment. The Philippines is hit with an average of 20 typhoons a year. Ozone can interfere with the process of photosynthesis and damage leaves hence plants cannot produce and store food. There are many causes of air pollution and there are many to blame. Some of these effects are related to acid rain effects on materials. Once connected air pollution levels are reported instantaneously and in real time on our The GAIA air quality monitoring stations are using high tech laser particle sensors to measure in real time PM2. When it comes to the extent of harm it usually depends on the total exposure to damaging chemicals. causes and effects of air pollution in the philippines